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Lost Marbles!
Pets from Hell
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Lost Marbles!

The place where those who have lost them are welcome!

I won't judge you or overgeneralise!
Only thing I ask is the same in return.
Frightened? Crazy? Frantic? Psychotic? Simple minded?
Go on someone else's site - you cluttering mine! This site only got room for one Boss around here and that be me! (cue evil laugh again)
However if you the type of person who enjoys a good laugh (at the rest of the world) then come HANG!
with or without marbles!

Tuuuuuuu rahhhhhh Pet!

May have lost me marbles but still a Scorp - don't underestimate me!

Now..... Where did I put those marbles ?

This is me in Cosmo mode!
I wonder if my father knows what I getting up to with the digital camera he gave me? Ha! He does now! I sent him this page too! lol lol lol
What do you think it must be like to be the father to a girl who loses marbles? (even if she is a babe)

I would just like to take this opportunity to Thank my Dad
Thank you Dad! Without you......this site would not have been possible! lol lol lol Nice Bra eh? lol lol lol lol

Pets from Hell