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This is where I am supposed to tell you a bunch of mindless drivel about myself that I THINK you might be interested in. In the real world this page would be called a narcissistic fantasy.

I could talk all day about myself if.... I really wanted to bore you to tears and be like everyone else on the net. Hmmmm maybe I should start from the beginning??

St George Flag

I am a reformed Yank, originally from the upmost Yankee region of the United States known as the North West region of New York State aka Rochester. I am now working on becoming a Geordie lass in the North East region of England known as Newcastle to anyone who is clued in about Geordies. Hoooway the lads - I'm gooin doon to the toon!

Me and my friend Scott; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is me with one of me bezzy muckers aka Scott. This was taken on an evening out on the toon (before we both became sozzled) Isn't he Lovely?

My bookcase

By this time you are either wondering

a)How in fact you came to this site?
b)What are my intentions/purpose?

As previously stated I am up for World/Universal domination this may sound a onerous task to you but in a few years my Degree in Human Geography and my cunning use of I.T. could put me in decision making position - that thought alone should be enough to cause a few of you to lose sleep. Eh? Well what can I say? I already have finely honed avoidance techniques and a great smile I had to figure something out! lol (cue evil laughter)

Let's get personal! GAG! Retch!

Eeeek Eeeek!  I am coming Marblegirl!  Something Drawing me like a magnet to you!  A weirdo magnet!

Calling all weirdos!

I am just a big weirdo magnet and one needn't wonder why that is, just read on
My Likes : -
(not necessarily in this order)
Alice in Wonderland;
Buffy the Vampire Slayer;
Boston Terriers;
Being a Scorpio;
Dominating the universe;
Being outdoors in the autumn;
Being indoors on rainy days;
Traipsing through cemetaries;
Reading and Writing;
Walking and Talking (can even chew gum whilst doing);
Beer or, as they say over here, Lager;
Wine (Mainly White and Dry);
Really good debates (some people might call them arguments);
Did I mention World domination?
That is after all the plan

Did you really need to know all that?
I think not. I am after all rather dull and this narcissism thing is hard on dull folk like me

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Lost Marbles!