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Pets from Hell

a pet from my past

This is where I am supposed to gush like a moron about my unimaginably stupid cats and my psychotic parrot right?

dumb cat with yarn

Missi and Ssippi

Giving the term stupid new meaning. These two are so thick that the very act of washing themselves expends more brain cells then they can really spare. Hence, they are both pretty scruffy.


These are my Cats - Missi and Ssippi
They are sisters who became an impulse buy last June. The owner wouldn't sell one without the other so I ended up with a lovely set of thick bookends who insist on using separate litterboxes and like bashing thier heads into my windows in an attempt to escape from the house. Hmmmm maybe they aren't so stupid after all?

Polly want a finger?


Think Psycho - with Wings
This bird has attitude (hence the name)
Years ago when I slaved away at a pet shop, he decided that he wanted to bond and I was the chosen victim. Ohhhhh lucky me. NO one has been able to touch this bird without risking a hand (with the exception of myself of course). Lucky me. He tries to mate with me on a regular basis and has been known to regurgitate on me in an attempt to "bond" lovely eh? I have had him since he was 9 months and he is going on 10 years old now. That is a decade of regurgitation you know.

Brat the psychotic parrot